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The perfect follow on course from Baby Massage that continues its focus on baby but with the additional physical support through your healing as a new mum.


For Baby

A chance to strengthen and develop your baby’s muscles through simple movements as you learn how to prepare them for future physical and emotional milestones such as laughing, rolling, crawling, walking and talking. As they are that little bit older, it’s also a great way to build your baby’s social development as they begin to gain awareness through seeing, hearing and connecting with other babies and adults. 

For Mum

Each week we will also practice key and safe mobility and strengthening techniques designed to help reconnect with your pelvic floor and core through gentle postnatal yoga poses and exercises.


Class Options & Times

As different age babies need different poses and movements depending on their strength and developmental stages, these classes will be in age groups. If you do the younger class you can then go on to do the older class afterwards and if they have completed the younger class and look ready to do the next class up (despite not being “old enough” they can move straight on to a different class and time. This can all be discussed at the time. 


As we need a little more room in the studio, there will only be 6 spaces per class, so if you’re interested please book in to avoid disappointment. 


Class Days & Times


The course is 6 weeks long and runs every week from the start date below


Start Date - Tuesday 13th February


3-6 months - 10am -10:45am  FULLY BOOKED


7-10 months - 11am -11:45am 


3-6 months - 12pm -12:45pm  


7-10 months - 1pm -1:45pm 


Start Date - Friday 16th February 


3-6 months - 10am -10:45am FULLY BOOKED


7-10 months - 11am -11:45am 


3-6 months - 12pm -12:45pm  


7-10 months - 1pm -1:45pm 

Booking & Price


Scroll along in the calendar below to either Tuesday 13th February OR Friday 16th February depending which day you'd like and click the course time of your choice.

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