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Monday 5:15pm, 6:30pm & 7:45pm
Wednesday 5:15pm, 6:30pm & 7:45pm

Schedule will be changing in July

What To Expect

These are not just any old class where you simply come and go on odd weeks, but a chance to interact, socialise and make friends with other soon to be mummies and indulge every week in making the most of your pregnancy journey, surrounded by a group of supportive women, who understand exactly what you’re going through.


Every week we will start with a small chat, discussing if anyone has had any exciting news that week they’d like to share or maybe vent if that’s what you feel you need instead before getting into a calming class designed to help you physically and mentally unwind.


With a weekly pregnancy yoga practice, not only will you have an hour all to yourself which is vital, given that in a few months time you’ll never get alone time ever again ;-) but we start to really prepare your mind and body for birth.


Being a birth & postnatal Doula & Hypnobirthing instructor too, my Pregnancy yoga classes are a bit of a hybrid class. We will learn and discuss certain topics when necessary, use all the breathing and visualisation techniques from hypnobirthing which is why the two classes go hand in hand in your birth preparation journey and if you can join me for both, you’ll be giving yourself the best opportunity to experience the positive, confident and calm birth you CAN have.


It doesn’t stop there though…


On top of helping to ease away all of those pregnancy aches and pains, you will learn the best birthing positions for an upright, active birth. If you don’t keep your body moving through these helpful positions during pregnancy, they’re not going to miraculously help during your labour because you won’t have the confidence to move your body in that way when the time comes.


So, join me! In my cosy, clean studio I’ll guide you in moving your body mindfully and teach you how to use your breath as the invaluable tool it can be, while connecting with your growing baby.



These classes are always in very high demand with a waiting list. As a result, unfortunately I cannot accommodate anyone hoping to just do the odd classes here or there. These classes are for anyone looking to commit to a weekly practice to give their mind and body the best chance to prepare within a group of women you’ll get to know.


The classes are booked and paid for with a membership system, which is £56 a month, £14 per class. This is simply so you do not have to worry about constantly worrying if you’ve booked your class or panicking that someone might steal your spot. After your first payment is made, it will automatically take your payment on the 2nd of every month. You are not tied into a long contract of any type, and you can cancel it at any time but this way, you do not need to remember to book in every week and you do not have to worry about making a new payment every month either. Please note refunds will not be made so you will need to see out the month if you wish to cancel, (unless baby arrives of course).


Finally, please do not book onto any classes before speaking to me first. Often on the automatic system it can look like there are the odd few spaces but this is because some mums are doing pay as you go in their final weeks of pregnancy. 

Waiting List

If you'd like to be added to the waiting list, please fill in your details below. No new spaces will be available before February as I am away in January on my Honeymoon.

Calm pregnancy yoga studio set up in Romford, Essex
Pregnancy Yoga class learning the benefit of using a birthing ball in pregnancy and labour

Pregnancy Yoga Waiting List

Click All Class Times You CAN make - The more flexible you are the quicker you will get in.

Thank you for submitting your details to be added to the waiting list. I am very sorry that these sessions are hugely in demand so the more flexible you can be, the quicker you will get in. Depending on your availability, it can be a 12 week wait to get a space.

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