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"I booked the course with Frilly as a last attempt to overcome my fears around giving birth and I am so glad that I did. From the moment we met Frilly in her lovely studio my husband and I felt so relaxed - we knew we were in good hands!"

Hypnobirthing course setup in intimate learning setting

So What Is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a course for both you and your birth partner to attend, after your 20 week scan (ideally starting around 30-33 weeks so it is super fresh in your mind for birth but if you need to do sooner for commitments, that’s fine). Whenever you start, it's most ideal if you're finished by 37 weeks, incase baby plans tNaturally this course is incredibly informative for anyone pregnant and approaching birth but unlike your pregnancy yoga classes, this is AMAZING for any birth partner if they’re feeling apprehensive on how best to support you.


A calmer, knowledgable and more prepared birth partner, is going to make YOUR experience even more positive, because you will have the very best support throughout your labour and birth.


Generally, we all have a fear of the unknown & when it comes to labour and birth, knowledge is power! If you head into your birth unaware and unsure of what could or might happen, then you will hold fear throughout the entire experience. As your body turns each corner through each stage, this fear will create physical and emotional tension. If there is one thing you do not want to feel through labour, it’s tension.


This course is designed to take away those uncertainties and educate you in all areas of birth and labour. Your first method of pain relief is understanding exactly what is happening.

Often Hypnobirthing gets a bit of a bad reputation, because it sounds very "hippy", but it really is quite the opposite. There's nothing I love more than seeing women and couples come to the realisation that this course exceeds their expectations on just how prepared and excited it can make you feel. 

" Hypnobirthing is so much more than people think and I would recommend all couple take a course, but would urge couples to book with Frilly as she really does make the course what is it. She creates such a calm and relaxed environment that immediately puts you at ease, meaning you don't feel like you can't ask questions which really helps you get what you want out of the course. We really looked forward to our class each week and are so grateful we found Frilly and for everything she taught us.”

Birth partners learning about massage techniques that will help mum in pregnancy and labour
Yummy snacks for all Hypnobirthing course clients
Hypnobirthing course setup in studio

2024 Dates

JUNE *Weekend Course*

1st/2nd June

10am - 4pm Saturday & Sunday with a lunch break in-between.

1 x Space


16th, 18th, 23rd, 25th July

6:45pm - 9pm (Depending on discussion time, we could finish earlier)

3 x Spaces Left

AUGUST *Weekend Course*

10th/11th August

9am - 3pm with a lunch break in-between

5 x Spaces Left

SEPTEMBER *Weekend Course*

7th/8th September

9am - 3pm with a lunch break

5 x Spaces Left

OCTOBER *Weekend Course*

5th/6th October

9am - 3pm with a lunch break

5 x Spaces Left

Prices & Booking

What's included & what does it cost?

1 x Hypnobirthing book including mp3 relaxation downloads

Gift box to take home after your last session

A vast range of refreshments for you to enjoy throughout your sessions. These include hot drinks, water, biscuits, chocolate, healthy snacks & in the summer, ice creams and ice lollies :-)

Roughly 8 hours of invaluable time to discuss and learn from Birth & Postnatal Doula, Frilly. Over that time many topics will be covered, fully preparing both you and your birth partner for your journey ahead.

- Basic anatomy and physiology of birth

- The importance of understanding your hormones in labour

- Setting up your birth space

- Birth partner’s role

- Breathing Techniques

- Positions of baby & what you can be doing to create space in your pelvis in late pregnancy & labour

- Tearing Prevention

- How to use Hypnobirthing if you end up having a C-Section

- Pain Relief Options

- How to be a part of the conversation with your medical care givers so that you can advocate for yourself

- What is induction, what does it involve

- Spontaneous labour

- Massage techniques for labour

- First hour after birth

The total cost is £275. 

A 50% non refundable deposit of £137.50 is needed to secure your space and the final balance is not due until the Friday before your course starts, An email reminder will be sent when the balance is due. 

If you would like to pay via payment plan, this can absolutely be arranged, just contact Frilly to work out an agreement that works.

TO BOOK - Please contact Frilly directly for a payment link.

 07912 537 103 OR 

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